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Psikontacto is a psychology clinic from Coimbra that needed a new website to promote their services and training offer to the market. With more than 15 years of activity, the company wanted a simple yet catchy website that served them a warm and personal first contact. The difficult part? Make it as human as possible. Right, that’s pretty much a chatbot with a soul. Oh, and we had 7 photos to work with.

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Psik brand

We’ve been working with Psik since their day one. The brand was designed back in ‘05, with a two humans interpersonal relationship K’s logo/smile, borrowed from Zuzana Licko’s Tarzana. We’ve also extended the brand language into a series of pictograms to embody the services’ offer.

Psik offer

Divided between clinical psychology and training offers, the later had a very confusing and bureaucratic 20 steps form (ah! we had to have this properly written somewhere) and was stripped down to a simple bulletproof form filling experience. The contents are equally reduced to the minimum showing competence and know-how of the clinic without boredom to the user. You know how that goes if you don’t hire a proper copywriter: Zzzzzz…


The children/family universe was always based on the peculiar brand’s illustration drawn by our Margarida Reis (RIP). With the new website, we rescued the original 2006 illustrations to the screen as a homage to Margarida’s work. Added that to carefully crafted micro-interactions, that serve as eye candy and not as an obstacle to the user journey, the scroll experience on this website is neutral but fulfilling.

Fig 5.


Psikontacto Kid Illustration
Fig 6.


Psikontacto Family Illustration
Fig 7.


Psikontacto Teen Illustration
Fig 8.


Psikontacto Parents Illustration

To end up with an experience as personal as possible we designed the contact forms as close as possible to the natural language. With a huge impact with over 30 monthly contacts through the website and sold out courses the website was a huge success to the company. The bot good practices also produced some interest by generating hundreds of fake psychology appointments from Australia to the United States. Not bad for local clinic that only has a Portuguese version of the website.

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Make it matter

“Psikontacto and Büro have had an alliance since the formation of Psik. They have been updating our image — a giant pillar of our recognisability — from the implementation to every expansion of our brand. The digital solutions they develop for Psikontacto are not only impressive but also durable in time, and often work as introduction and customer acquisition tools. As a partner, they are always attentive and very confident of the solutions they develop with total security and perfectionism. Büro is simply unable to fail.”

Catarina M. — Managing Partner
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